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Currently Accepting:

  1. Video game consoles in working condition (any)
  2. Video games for console systems
  3. Video Games for PC
  4. Video game console peripherals (driving wheels, rockband instruments, light guns, etc.)
  5. Game industry or game development literature (books, magazines, trade publications, etc.)
  6. Game industry promotional materials (posters, in-store displays, etc.)
  7. Tablets in working condition (iPads, etc.)
  8. Other unique or rare artifacts from video game history/culture not mentioned here!

Not Currently Accepting:

  1. PCs/computers/laptops manufactured before 2015
  2. Computer peripherals (mice, monitors, disk drives, printers, etc.)
  3. Board games (except those with a direct connection to video game history)
  4. Playing cards/trading cards
  5. A/V equipment (DVD players, speakers, home theater equipment, VCRs, etc.)
  6. Furniture or retail fixtures
  7. Smartphones
  8. Toys (except those with a direct connection to video game history)
  9. CRT TVs
  10. Flatscreen TVs or monitors
  11. Clothing
501c3 registered nonprofit and donations are tax deductible. Our Tax Identification Number is 26-4570976. The MADE accepts donations of old video game consoles, games, documentation, and accessories. Please contact Rena to schedule a drop off. The MADE accepts laptop and computer hardware donations for our kids programming class. Please fill out theĀ MADE Donation Form and bring it with you if you’d like an itemized deduction.