Monthly Contest!

Come on in and show your skills playing some classic awesome games like Mario Brothers, Tetris, Sonic, Pac-Man and lots more on your favorite vintage consoles!

Have the best high score for the month and win 2 free passes! Just make sure to record your score at the Contest console on the Front Desk. Try your luck and have fun playing some classic games on your favorite vintage video game and computers!

Join Yoshi and friends in the puzzle-maniac extravaganza of a lifetime! Tetris Attack is the NTSC version of the Japanese “Panel de Pon”, its name changed to make it more recognizable overseas. It really plays nothing like Tetris, but gained quite a following regardless. After the tie-in N64 version known as “Pokémon Puzzle League”, the series eventually become simply known as “Puzzle League” for all future installments in the West. A very tough puzzler, you have to think quick on your feet to match the various colors on the field, and as many as you can!






Please play in the Single-Player Endless game mode.

D-Pad: Move Cursor

A or B: Switch Tiles

L or R: Fast-Forward


Need some tips?

Can’t find any good opening plays? Fast-Forward to add lines to the bottom!

This is also good mid-game!

Performing Combos and Chains will actually stop the tiles from rising for a moment. Bigger combos and chains give you bigger amounts of freeze time!

Never give up until it’s over, and keep your eye out for both Combo and Chain opportunities everywhere!

Don’t forget to write down your high score!

Highest score gets two free MADE entry passes!