Monthly Contest!

Come on in and show your skills playing some classic awesome games like Mario Brothers, Tetris, Sonic, Pac-Man and lots more on your favorite vintage consoles!

Have the best high score for the month and win 2 free passes! Just make sure to record your score at the Contest console on the Front Desk. Try your luck and have fun playing some classic games on your favorite vintage video game and computers!

February's Contest is SEGA Marine Fishing!

Set sail and wrestle with the waters in hopes of catching the big one! Challenge this classic finny sequel’s Arcade Mode and catch the biggest fish you possibly can. The location of your cast, the lure you select, and your skill in reeling in the buggers all plays a part in your success. Whether you’ve never gone fishin’ or are a seasoned veteran, this challenge will push you and your tackle box to their limits!

Fish as long as you want and Continue as many times as you want, even if you run out of time. When you decide you’re done, select No on the Continue screen and the game will tell you what size the biggest fish you caught was!






Control stick: Scroll menu, Aim your cast

Swing controller forward: Cast

Reel: Reel ‘em in!

A: Select, Cast

B: Back, Select lure

Need some tips?

  • Each lure excels at different things and attracts fish in different ways, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully. If the lure needs to move around a lot don’t be afraid to swing the controller a bit! Just make sure you don’t hit anyone around you!
  • The deeper and farther out the water, the bigger the fish! Be careful, though: the deep-water lures are by far the most difficult to use. Far casts also take much longer to reel back in!
  • Fish will try everything they can to escape your hook and break your fishing line, including distracting you with their movements! Pay close attention to the information on the screen, give a little slack when you need it and focus LESS on the fish itself to guarantee a catch!
  • Don’t worry about the time limit, and be sure to have fun!
  • Biggest fish gets two free MADE Entry Passes!